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Our Mission Statement

"First Generation" is a group of Harvard alumni who are the first members of their families to attend college and who seek to support current first-generation students. As an officially-recognized Shared Interest Group of the Harvard Alumni Association, our mission is to help make Harvard a better place for current first-generation Harvard students. We achieve this through mentoring, advocacy and providing networking opportunities. Thanks to the generosity of the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, first-generation students make up a substantial portion of today’s undergraduate student body (estimates run as high as 18%). Our goal is to help make Harvard a welcoming place for them.

Support the First Generation Student Union at Harvard!

Dear First Generation Harvard Alumni,


My name is Ana Barros and I am the current President of the Harvard College First Generation Student Union (FGSU). Over the past year, I have seen FGSU grow from a small student group into a powerful voice for change on our campus. In one short year we have effectively changed the conversation surrounding the first gen experience at Harvard, from one of stigma and silence, to one of affirmation and pride. We have channeled the pain of our experiences –the discomfort, the frustration, and alienation –into productive change that has positively affected our campus. We have pushed for meaningful institutional change, tackling issues of accessibility and transparency in Harvard offices through our Community Conversations initiative, and successfully advocating for the creation of two first gen student liaison positions at the Harvard Admissions Office. The FGSU has proven that it is much more than just an organization; it is a movement with the potential to radically change our campus for the better. We have experienced so much growth, but there is still much more left to be done. With your help, we can continue our mission of creating the best possible experience for first generation students at Harvard.


We are asking for your assistance in raising funds to support our annual operations, events, and activities, particularly our visibility campaign taking place during Visitas weekend (April 25th-27th). Last year, thanks to the generous donations of our alumni, we were able to launch a highly successful visibility campaign during Harvard’s admitted students weekend.  As a result of our campaign, we were able to increase awareness of the first generation college experience on our campus and greatly expand our membership. This year, we aim to raise $1780 to fund our visibility campaign. This money will cover the cost of 250 t-shirts, 500 buttons, and the printing costs for the 700 informational first generation pamphlets that will be placed inside the official Harvard bags that admitted students receive from the Admissions Office.


Tax-deductible donations may be made to Harvard in support of the FGSU via check or online credit card donation. Donation checks should be made payable to “Harvard University” and include our student organization name, “Harvard College First Generation Student Union,” and gift account number, 330328, in the memo line of the check. Checks should be mailed directly to the Harvard College First Generation Student Union, Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH), Box # 216, 59 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

For credit card donations please visit the Harvard online giving form. Select “Unrestricted” under Harvard College Fund Designation, and include our student organization name, “Harvard College First Generation Student Union,” and gift account number, 330328, in the “Comments/Other Designation” box.


We invite you to share with us this historic moment in Harvard’s history by supporting FGSU. Your generous contribution will help ensure that first generation students who arrive at Harvard are met, not with silence and stigma, but with a warm and supportive community of students and administration.


Thank you for your support,

Ana Barros

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Learning on the fly

[Harvard Gazette article] Campus life comes with particular challenges when college is a family first



By Corydon Ireland, Harvard Staff Writer

One evening this week at the 107-year-old Harvard Club of Boston, a fire roared in a hearth at one end of the main room, near plush sofas and a discreet but well-stocked bar. The wainscoted walls were rich hardwood. Tapestry-like banners of Harvard Houses and Schools hung on the walls. Large, lit chandeliers shone like gold.

Opposite from the fireplace were lines of folding chairs, all filled by an audience representing a very modern-day Harvard College — one where every sixth undergraduate is the only one in their family to have gone to an American college. Read more at the Harvard Gazette's website.


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